Kure and Køhnke started at Kemp & Kjær

On November 1, Sarah Køhnke and Malthe W. Kure joined us, which means both deeper and broader skills for our customers.

Two new faces. Kure and Køhnke joins Kemp & Kjær. Nordic PR merges with Kemp & Kjær.

Many angles to slice this news into, but the reality is: Sarah Køhnke and Malthe Kure have joined Kemp & Kjær, and we are super happy about it, all four of us.

Nordic PR joins Kemp & Kjær

Sarah brings in her agency, Nordic PR – i.e. network, experience, crazy creativity and exceptional expertise in automotive, medico, hospitality, destinations and lifestyle.

Both business and politics
Malthe is a shooting star in the PR sky, and as a senior advisor with partner ambitions, he draws on several years of experience from various Danish agencies – and most recently the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. He delivers overview, business understanding and public affairs – creating results with both big and small stories; keeping a cool head and a straight face in a crisis. And he will help set the direction for the agency.

Continued ESG focus

Malthe and Sarah are very different but have PR craftsmanship and business acumen in common, and we look forward to bringing this broader palette into play with our customers.

Sarah and Malthe are another chapter in the new story we started in the spring of 2023:

Kemp & Kjær as an ESG-focused PR agency with a huge global network to create PR in other countries for our clients. Leading transparency and efficiency in the PR industry.

And we have a great love for impact technology, because that’s how we can contribute significantly to a better world, even though our ability to make an impact through scope 1 and 2 is minimal.

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