Google’s Bard blunder: Mark from Kemp & Kjær explains the consequences in an interview in Kforum

As experts in the tech industry, Kemp & Kjær were interviewed by Kommunikationsforum about what it means for Google that the launch of their artificial intelligence, Bard, offered failures in the first attempt during the demonstration.

It meant big drops in Google’s share price, because Google feels pressure on its existence by ChatGPT. Not least because Microsoft is in the process of integrating ChatGPT in their own search engine, Bing, which Google fears will result in user churn.

Google’s “Nokia moment”?

Bing’s global market share is 9 percent. Google sits on 84 percent – but everyone also thought Nokia was untouchable back in 2007, before Apple and the iPhone turned it all upside down.

“Google’s users will forgive them for the mistake and the share price may return. But it will probably require them to either improve Bard so that it makes significantly fewer mistakes, or launch an innovative alternative that keeps users on Google,” says Mark Benfeldt Kjær, partner at Kemp & Kjær.

Read the full interview on Kforum: Google lost $700 billion on AI flop launch:

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