Rebranding interview: Hansen’s Ice Cream Changes Name to Hansen’s

Kemp & Kjær got a call from Politiken, who wanted an interview in connection with Hansens Flødeis changing its name to Hansens.

I was interviewed about what it means when a brand changes its name, what works and what doesn’t, and what considerations you should make beforehand so as not to risk losing any goodwill that may already be behind your old brand name.

The interview could subsequently be read in Politiken:

Rare name changes: “I spend a lot of resources saying it when I pick up the phone”
(Politiken, 16. Apr. 2022)

Don’t if you can!

Bottom line is: Don’t change your name if you can. It takes a lot of knowledge and effort to rebrand, and if you regret it, it’s expensive to switch back or choose a new one. And that signals “wiggle room”.

If you then choose a new name, it is important to have secured the most important domain names so that the business is easy to find on the internet and so that it is not confused with others. It can be costly if you forget in the process.

A successful and meaningful shift is, for example. DONG to Ørsted (one hardly associates Ørsted with DONG today, because they also changed overall strategy).