Kure and Køhnke started at Kemp & Kjær

On November 1, Sarah Køhnke and Malthe W. Kure joined us, which means both deeper and broader skills for our customers.

Two new faces. Kure and Køhnke joins Kemp & Kjær. Nordic PR merges with Kemp & Kjær.

Many angles to slice this news into, but the reality is: Sarah Køhnke and Malthe Kure have joined Kemp & Kjær, and we are super happy about it, all four of us.

Nordic PR joins Kemp & Kjær

Sarah brings in her agency, Nordic PR – i.e. network, experience, crazy creativity and exceptional expertise in automotive, medico, hospitality, destinations and lifestyle.

Both business and politics
Malthe is a shooting star in the PR sky, and as a senior advisor with partner ambitions, he draws on several years of experience from various Danish agencies – and most recently the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. He delivers overview, business understanding and public affairs – creating results with both big and small stories; keeping a cool head and a straight face in a crisis. And he will help set the direction for the agency.

Continued ESG focus

Malthe and Sarah are very different but have PR craftsmanship and business acumen in common, and we look forward to bringing this broader palette into play with our customers.

Sarah and Malthe are another chapter in the new story we started in the spring of 2023:

Kemp & Kjær as an ESG-focused PR agency with a huge global network to create PR in other countries for our clients. Leading transparency and efficiency in the PR industry.

And we have a great love for impact technology, because that’s how we can contribute significantly to a better world, even though our ability to make an impact through scope 1 and 2 is minimal.

To find out how we can help you and your organization, contact Jakob Hessellund at
or tel. +45 4038 4586.

Another police report for misleading sustainability marketing

Do you call your business or product sustainable? Then watch out! This has landed BMW Denmark in trouble.

The Danish Consumer Ombudsman has today reported BMW to the police for misleading marketing about sustainability. The photo is from the Consumer Ombudsman’s website.

In recent months, the Consumer Ombudsman’s criticism of greenwashing and misleading marketing has caused much debate and uncertainty among Danish companies. Today, BMW Denmark has been reported to the police for marketing itself as the world’s most sustainable car manufacturer.

These cases show that companies need to be extremely cautious about using vague and unsubstantiated statements such as ‘sustainable’, ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘green’ in their communications.

Misleading marketing can have serious consequences for businesses. As well as undermining consumer confidence, it can lead to lawsuits, police reports and reputational damage.

Proving that you are the world’s most sustainable in your industry is exceptionally difficult, as it also requires both thorough and reliable data from your competitors and their subcontractors. This is the trap that BMW Denmark has fallen into.

Document your sustainability

A crucial factor in avoiding misleading marketing is documentation. Companies should be able to substantiate the claims they make about their sustainability efforts. This may include life cycle assessments, independent certifications or external assessments of company practices. By having concrete and reliable data, companies can back up their claims and avoid casting doubt on their honesty.

Credible communication about sustainability and ESG is essential to build trust with consumers if you want to truly support the green transition. When companies market themselves as sustainable, they need to document and substantiate their claims. If companies use sustainability as part of their strategic communication or marketing, consumers have a right to know what companies are actually doing to promote sustainability. By being open about their efforts and using accurate information, companies can avoid consumers feeling misled and instead build trust around their green initiatives.

Need for international coordination

While it’s important to have clear rules and guidelines at a national level, a coordinated approach across borders is also necessary. Harmonizing rules and standards for sustainability marketing at the EU level can help Danish companies avoid competitive disadvantages. By establishing common guidelines for sustainable marketing, we can ensure that companies operate under a level playing field and avoid unnecessary uncertainty.

On the one hand, Danish companies are at a disadvantage in international competition if they only have to comply with the Consumer Ombudsman’s requirements, but on the other hand, it can be an advantage for Danish companies if the Consumer Ombudsman’s strict requirements become internationally known. In some cases, it can be worth using in communication.

We have previously written about the Consumer Ombudsman’s greenwashing allegations creating legal uncertainty in Børsen.

Still not sure if your sustainability communication complies with the law?

As a PR agency with a focus on sustainability and ESG communication, we can help companies navigate this complex landscape and ensure their messages are credible and transparent.

If you are unsure whether your company is in violation of the Danish Marketing Practices Act, let’s have a non-binding conversation on +45 4142 3635 or mark@kempkjaer.dk. We can help you assess how to communicate without breaking the law, and when in doubt, we work with lawyers who know the issues inside out.

Get a job in a PR agency: The path to working in public relations

A job in the PR industry means fast-paced and flexible work-life balance. But if you want to work in a PR agency in Copenhagen, for example, you should also be a Copenhagen resident.

If you have no practical experience with PR, read books about it! Preferably about journalism, as you’ll be talking to journalists a lot. Photo: Ben White, Unsplash.

Do you dream of working as a PR consultant in a PR agency? It can be an exciting and challenging career path for those who want to work in communications, media and stakeholder management. It’s also one of the fastest ways to gain lots of experience, as you’ll typically work with multiple customers from different industries. But the pace can also be fast and the demands are often high.

And because the pressure can be high in the PR industry, there is often a focus on work-life balance, and PR consultants in most agencies are allowed to work from home if the child needs to go to the doctor or whatever else gets in the way. This has been the case even before the corona crisis. However, it’s extremely rare for consultants to work 100% from home, so if you want to work in a PR agency in Copenhagen, for example, it’s best to be based in Copenhagen.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some important steps on the path to working in a PR agency and thriving in the industry. Whether you’re in training, a recent graduate or an experienced professional looking to make a career change, these tips and strategies are relevant to you.

Fun fact: There are many PR agencies based in Copenhagen, where easy access to meetings with authorities, politicians and organizations has traditionally been a high priority.

Build a strong foundational knowledge of PR
Before diving into applying for a job at a PR agency, it’s important to have a solid understanding of what PR entails. Read books, take online courses or attend workshops to learn basic PR theories and practices. The more you know about the PR industry, its trends and challenges, the better prepared you will be to impress during job interviews.

PR agencies are different – find the one that suits you
PR agencies can specialize in everything from classic product PR to political advocacy and in a wide range of industries, where knowledge can be an advantage. Our PR agency in Copenhagen specializes in B2B impact technology as well as IT and scaleups, so being a tech enthusiast with a business mindset can be an advantage.

Gain practical experience through internships
Hands-on experience is essential in the PR world. Apply for internships at PR agencies to build your experience and understanding of the industry. While it may be unpaid or paid less, internships are a great way to learn about the reality of the work and gain insight into the day-to-day operations of the agency. It can also lead to full-time employment if you impress with your effort and commitment. Show enthusiasm for being part of the team and take a humble approach to the tasks, take pride in the “bread and butter tasks” such as media monitoring, and don’t expect to be strategizing for large corporations right away. But every once in a while, ask if you can take on a more challenging task. It gives you bonus points.

Develop your communication skills
Communication is at the heart of the PR industry, so strong communication skills are essential. Work on improving your written, but also your oral communication skills – including the ability to write clear and compelling press releases, present ideas effectively and build good relationships with customers and the media.

Other essential skills that earn points are:

  • Customer service: PR is all about making customers happy so they stay customers. You can be the best story writer in the world, but if you’re pissing off customers, don’t expect a career as a PR consultant.
  • Sales: Since a large part of the job is selling story ideas to journalists, it’s an advantage if you have, for example, telephone sales on your CV.
  • General IT skills: They are essential. Without a solid foundation in IT skills, you’re seen as a bit of a dinosaur. Social media, Word, Google Docs, PowerPoint, Zoom, MS Teams, intranet time tracking, etc. are a must.
  • WordPress and SEO: If you can edit the content of a website and tweak it for keyword optimization, the agency feels confident that you’ll always have something to do – even if it’s at a standstill around Christmas or the summer months, when there can often be a little respite.
  • Political communication: PR is closely related to public affairs, and sometimes assignments arise where clients need to engage with authorities, so any political experience, such as stakeholder mobilization or political campaigning, is a big plus.

Stay up to date with the latest PR trends and technologies
The PR industry is constantly evolving and it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the field. Follow relevant blogs, read PR publications and be aware of how social media, artificial intelligence and digital platforms affect PR practices. Show interest in and knowledge of the latest tools and methods as this can differentiate you in the job application process. ChatGPT and similar AI services are on the rise, so mastering such tools will be a definite advantage.

Build your professional network
As in other industries, your professional network can be an asset if you’re looking for a job as a PR consultant. For example, use social media sites like LinkedIn to connect with PR agency professionals and attend relevant professional and networking events. Be active in online discussions and participate in PR-related forums. The larger your network, the more likely you are to hear about job opportunities and get recommendations.

Working in a Copenhagen PR agency like ours, as well as others, requires a combination of education, experience and the right skills. By building a strong foundational knowledge of PR, building a professional network, gaining practical experience, developing your communication skills and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, you can increase your chances of landing an exciting position in a PR agency. Always remember to be persistent, committed and enthusiastic during your job search journey. Good luck to you!

How to get press coverage of your ESG report without a shitstorm

In 2024, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) reports will become mandatory for large companies in the EU. But ESG reports create both opportunities and risks for good and bad press, so how do you communicate the results to the press? Here are three tips.

You have to be careful, but it is possible to get positive press on your ESG report even if you are a black company. The first step is to be brutally honest about it. Photo: Zhang QC, Unsplash.

In the wake of the Consumer Ombudsman’s injunction on sustainable communication, many companies are facing a challenge: How to communicate ESG results with PR in the press so that they are received positively by the market and without the risk of greenwashing accusations?

Note: ESG is about more than climate, but climate is used as an example throughout the post for better readability.

In 2022, the Consumer Ombudsman issued greenwashing injunctions to a large number of companies, as they believed that the companies were violating the Marketing Act through their sustainability communication. Most companies did have sustainability initiatives, but they overused the words in their marketing to a degree that didn’t match their efforts.

At its core, the Consumer Ombudsman is based on the Brundtland Report’s interpretation of the word sustainability, which in short means that a company’s activities must not harm future generations. This means that the company must be at least carbon neutral in its operations (which is just one of many areas) – and that’s virtually impossible without planting trees or buying carbon credits.

Read how our PR agency helps with sustainability communication.

It’s a strict interpretation that means that a lot of companies are currently breaking the marketing law even though they haven’t received an injunction.

There are two main areas where companies are breaking the law:

1) They use terms such as “sustainable”, “eco-friendly” and “green” in their marketing, which according to the Consumer Ombudsman is far too general and imprecise (a car manufacturer that has cut CO2 emissions by 50% does not mean that consumers can drive “green”).

2) They don’t have third-party evidence to back up their claims. For example, if you have been awarded a Nordic Swan Ecolabel, you can market it. But it’s forbidden to slap a generic term like “sustainable” on your face cream.

Avoid the pitfalls of ESG report communication

We are in a time when corporate responsibility and sustainability must not only be practiced, but also demonstrated and there is an obligation to communicate it. ESG reports are a key tool for this, but also bring challenges.

If you’re a greentech company, our PR agency package may be able to help you.

The Consumer Ombudsman’s sustainable communication mandate requires more than just sustainability claims. Companies now need to substantiate their claims and avoid ‘greenwashing’. So how can your company adapt to these new requirements and how can a PR agency help communicate your ESG reports in a credible and effective way?

1) Understand the ESG reportBe aware of whether the company has prepared a thorough and complete ESG report and any gaps and areas of weakness. One option is to work with an ESG-focused PR agency that can help you take a critical look at the ESG report and lay the foundation for strategic communication.

Read Kemp & Kjær’s ESG report here.

2) Be honest and transparentESG-PR: In your ESG-PR, it is essential to be honest about your company’s sustainability weaknesses. This will not only help you comply with legislation, but also build trust with your customers and stakeholders.

A concrete manufacturer that claims to be environmentally friendly because it has invested billions in reducing CO2 emissions is the subject of a shitstorm. Conversely, a concrete manufacturer that calls itself an environmental pig and therefore works to reduce its CO2 emissions is sympathetic.

3) Communicate clearly and concisely: Have you reduced your plastic consumption by 11.5%? So tell us you’ve reduced your plastic consumption by 11.5% and where you know it from. Steer clear of “Significantly less plastic” or “CO2 friendly”. By working with a PR agency, you can ensure that your ESG communication is understandable, free from unnecessary technical language and free from potential media crisis bombs.

Before you trumpet your ESG credentials, it’s worth asking to what extent ESG is integrated into your business strategy. Is sustainability considered in all aspects of your business and communication? It promotes genuine engagement, demonstrates concrete actions and means you can worry less about sharing your ESG initiatives publicly.

Still not sure? Talk to an ESG-focused PR agency

ESG reports bring both challenges and opportunities. By taking the Consumer Ombudsman’s injunction seriously, you’ve come a long way. You can significantly minimize risks by working with a PR agency that specializes in ESG PR and communication to help your company navigate the challenges, but also build a stronger and more credible sustainability profile.

To learn more about how a PR agency can help your company understand and communicate your ESG reports, please contact Mark Kjær on +45 4142 3635 or mark@kempkjaer.dk.

Read more about our “3-in-1” package for B2B impact technology that our PR agency focuses on.

See our list of grants for green projects here.